insight landed, still no actual photos

Let’s see… NASA’s InSight probe supposedly landed on Mars back on Monday. Visit their website two days later and there are lots of videos and photos, all of which are CGI-generated or they’re hours’ worth of employees looking excited.

Here’s one I’ve managed to dredge up though:


Is that the best we can do for the US$1B price tag? Presumably, it’s a down-facing camera with a frog-eye lens.

Yet again, it feels like lies stacked on top of lies to me.

apollo 11, the first lie

Old Lies

Mark me down as one of those who understand that Apollo 11 didn’t go to the moon as publicized by NASA. I’ve known this for a while now but even this video should make sense to some of the people out there who thought otherwise.

As heard in the video, there is clear scripting going on with the astronauts. An extra off-screen voice is heard coaching them when they’re supposed to respond (mimicking the distance delay), instructing them how to fake the Earth’s distance by ricocheting its image off a far glass and by darkening the inside cabin as well as introducing a fake solar terminator. Unfortunately for NASA’s credibility, they accidentally released raw color video which still included all the prompting, planning of fakery and references to later video processing which was to occur.

But of course, they knew back then that they couldn’t survive the journey because the Soviets knew this. In typical Russian style, they just secretively sent many cosmonauts to their death. News of this made it back via spies to NASA of course. Rather than to admit defeat NASA just chose to completely fabricate a story of success.

In a way, it was just bad timing. In the beginning of the sixties, they actually thought that they could make a trip to the moon and back. It wasn’t until the Soviets had sacrificed their own people enough times that the Americans realized that this was a losing game. Having made bold claims to the world about what we were capable of doing, they didn’t feel like backing down from such earlier bravado. So they faked it, nearly the entire thing. The Apollo astronauts just orbited the Earth the entire time, having earlier done the lunar videos on a stage at Disney. Stanley Kubrick’s recent sci-fi movies made him the obvious choice as director; his innovative front screen projection technique was used for the lander footage.

Current Lies

Even to this day, faked videos are being produced by NASA for unknown reasons. That same guy wire technology is still being used to give a false sense of weightlessness.

When asked why it’s difficult to go back to the moon, NASA’s own employees have suggested that “we don’t have the technology to go to the moon” because we destroyed it. Really? That’s the equivalent of “my dog ate my homework”. It’s a 12-year-old’s lie to their teacher.

NASA’s own engineer suggests that they still haven’t figured out how to get past the Van Allen Belts. Really? As if we didn’t already know that you guys couldn’t have gone to the moon in the 1960s because of this.

When George Bush Sr. visited NASA on a tour, I guess everyone was so preoccupied that they forgot to stop making a fake ISS video on a green screen in the background and this was totally published. Oops.

The Mars Viking Landers

According to NASA, the Martian landscape was red and a forbidding landscape. I’m sure we’ve all seen images like this.


But according to one employee, the feed suddenly went dead right after seeing two people in spacesuits doing repairs as seen here.


So we’re left with one of two eventualities: either all this was filmed on a backlot somewhere and 100% faked here on Earth… or the cover story that Mars isn’t inhabited already by us is simply a lie. If this were filmed here on Earth then why the need for a spacesuit or helmet at all? That pretty much leaves us with the other option, the one in which a private version of NASA has been on Mars for some time now.

The Mars Mining Corporation

Marine whistleblower Captain Randy Cramer indicates that he spent nearly an entire 20-year tour on Mars in support of a private mining company located there.

So Why the Lies Now?

I suppose there comes a time when your lies just catch up to you. NASA can’t just come out and say they lied to us in the sixties. For the same reasons, they can’t just suggest that we’ve reasonably managed to secure Mars now for a private corporation. As liars in league with liars, they can’t break ranks and simply tell the truth. Telling us that public dollars have benefited a single corporation’s stockholders just wouldn’t make people happy when you get right down to it.

Until the public in the majority understands the scope of these lies and then directs their anger at NASA and our own government, we’ll just continue to be fed more lies by these people.