the over-hyped flu virus

Comparing Covid to the common collection of flu statistics as seen year after year:

“CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million to 45 million cases, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.”

(Given the exaggerated figures of Covid due to the financial incentives, it could be that Covid’s death rate is fairly on par with the standard statistics for influenza.) Compare that 810K flu hospitalization figure with the U.S.’s 83K data for Covid to-date. Covid hospitalizations haven’t even reached the flu’s minimum annual amount yet!

Obviously, Covid-19 is being marketed to us for the purpose of creating fear and presumably to gain more control over us. Let’s crunch some numbers to get at the truth (and not what the national media nor our elected officials would have you believe regarding the subject):

* current U.S. population: 330 million
* CDC statistic (37M tested with 3.5M indicating positive for Covid-19): 9%
* Rough extrapolation then of Americans who might have Covid-19: 29.7M
* CDC statistic (total deaths): 130K
* Ratio of deaths to positive: 0.004377 (0.4%)

Keep in mind that the tests are administered more heavily to people who are standing in an ER who have shown up with symptoms. As a result, the test group is heavily weighed to people who already think that they’re infected. In many venues, there are simply few/no tests available to prophylactically check an asymptomatic person.

In all actuality, the realistic risk of death is therefore likely a quarter of that 0.4% figure, more like 0.1%, in other words. In fact, even these reported numbers are probably skewed because they’re from the medical community…

Add to this the $39,000 benefit paid by Medicare to the hospital (at least three times higher than non-related reasons) if the patient is placed on a ventilator and the indicated reason is Covid. Sen. Scott Jensen of Minnesota suggests (USA Today) that this makes the doctors/hospitals “game the system” to collect a windfall of federal money by “pencil-whipping” a checkbox on some form. He indicates essentially that the lack of test-based criteria instead of the current “plausible guess” criteria would allow less fraudulent behavior from the country’s medical community.

Statistically, you have a better chance of dying by suicide, kidney disease, flu/pneumonia, diabetes, Alzheimer disease, Cerebrovascular diseases, chronic lower respiratory diseases, accidents and unintentional injuries, cancer and heart disease… than of Covid-19.

I tutored college-level statistics years ago. Good science means that you must vet the incoming data from the test group and you must remove outliers from the dataset. It should be painfully obvious that this level of rigor is not happening with respect to Covid-related instances. If anything, the data is being padded to inflate that fear factor.

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

~ Samuel Clemens

What’s sad to me is that “Team Fear-Covid-Damn-the-Economy” suggests that they’re the force of reason, the voice of science. They indicate that they’re making policy based upon the science. What utter bullshit they speak in doing so. Policy-makers are innumerate little gits, if you ask me.

What’s going on, really?

Speaking of graphs of exponential functions, have you seen any global population charts in the national news lately? I bet you haven’t because they’re not telling the actual story of what’s going on.

Estimated world population figures, 10,000 BC–AD 2000 (log y scale)

Note that we’re well past the year 2000 now. Imagine being a member of the G8 five decades ago. You’d have been shitting your pants thinking about “the problem” and how to avoid a Soylent Green future for your respective constituents.

Presumably the G8’s favorite movie…

Soylent Green was a popular movie from 1973 (some fifty years ago) which painted an ugly outcome for the world (New York City, specifically). The year of this dystopian future was 2022. The problem portrayed in the narrative was that the world’s population had outstripped its resources and people were starving and rioting as a result.

So the G8 was biting their nails when the world’s population loomed at the 6B mark. And then it quickly passed the 7B point. And now, by the end of this year we’re poised to pass the 8B level. Each increase by another billion gets smaller and smaller; remember, we’re in that rapidly-increasing section of the curve. That’s just the nature of exponential growth.

Obviously, the G8 must have chosen to do something about “the problem”. We know that the HIV retrovirus was created in a lab by Dr. Robert Gallo and patented sometime in 1984. If you’re into the science, his 1971 paper describes the technique.

I’m not sure if you can believe the boldness of the quote but this article includes the following quote from Dr. Robert Gallo:

“I Invented AIDS To Depopulate Humanity”

~ Dr. Robert Gallo, inventor of AIDS/HIV

If you can believe this next article

“We were forced To Create The HIV Virus As a Secret Weapon To Wipe Out The African Race.”

~ Dr. Robert Gallo, inventor of AIDS/HIV

So part of this is a well-funded military program to create biological weapons. What we see though is the targeting of a particular racial group in what appears to be eugenics playing out at the global level.

SARS, H5N1, H1N1, MERS and Covid-19

The next three major pandemics likely had a similar lab-born genesis. SARS-2.0 virus was created in a lab. The H5N1 bird flu virus was created in a lab. A more virulent version of the H1N1 virus was created in a lab. The Covid-19 virus was created in a lab.

In October 2014, federal funding was stopped for lab research that would have altered three viruses to make them more lethal: the influenza virus; the virus behind Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and the virus behind severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

~ U.S. Lifts Ban on Laboratory-Made Lethal Viruses

It’s no big secret that super-viruses are manufactured in labs. On paper, they’re merely “studies” or “research”. In the news, we see these unfortunate “accidents” in which each virus is making its way out of the lab and into the population. What if these are planned accidents, though? Wouldn’t that make more sense at the highest level, that the G8 is attempting to—in their own minds at least—save the planet?

Jimmy Carter, philanthropist(?)

It’s not always about directly killing people, though. There is such a thing as soft kill. Imagine being able to get rid of people before they’re even born.


Look at all that free corn that Jimmy Carter and Dr. Norman Borlaug have GMO’d for the people of Africa. On paper, Borlaug’s website would have you believe that they’re wonderful and helpful to starving people of the planet.

“Soft kill”, the gentler solution to world population

But then again, why would a U.C. Davis professor-as-whistleblower lose his tenure over publicizing the GMO’d corn they were developing whose purpose is to lower sperm motility in the man who’d consumed it?

In this 2018 article, we see that men’s sperm counts are continuing to fall in the U.S. and Europe.

A pair of new studies unveiled this week at the Scientific Congress of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in Denver suggest that American and European men’s sperm count and sperm motility—that is, the “swimming” ability of sperm cells—have declined in the past decade, which follows a similar, broader trend observed by many scientists over the past few decades.

In this article, research links GMO foods to infertility.


People at the highest level (G8) have been freaking out over the growth of the human race for at least five decades now. It seems certain that they’ve respectively tasked their local militaries and other shadowy entities to deal with the problem. In some ways, this looks like creating and releasing exotic viruses (often via vaccination programs). In some ways, this looks like lowering sperm motility via the consumption of genetically-modified foods (often via free food programs). It appears that the poor and people-of-color are being targeted. Any media over-hype related to Covid-19 (the current manufactured pandemic) is just hype and little more. We should go back to business-as-usual and push back to our elected officials when confronted by innumeracy.

apollo 11, the first lie

Old Lies

Mark me down as one of those who understand that Apollo 11 didn’t go to the moon as publicized by NASA. I’ve known this for a while now but even this video should make sense to some of the people out there who thought otherwise.

As heard in the video, there is clear scripting going on with the astronauts. An extra off-screen voice is heard coaching them when they’re supposed to respond (mimicking the distance delay), instructing them how to fake the Earth’s distance by ricocheting its image off a far glass and by darkening the inside cabin as well as introducing a fake solar terminator. Unfortunately for NASA’s credibility, they accidentally released raw color video which still included all the prompting, planning of fakery and references to later video processing which was to occur.

But of course, they knew back then that they couldn’t survive the journey because the Soviets knew this. In typical Russian style, they just secretively sent many cosmonauts to their death. News of this made it back via spies to NASA of course. Rather than to admit defeat NASA just chose to completely fabricate a story of success.

In a way, it was just bad timing. In the beginning of the sixties, they actually thought that they could make a trip to the moon and back. It wasn’t until the Soviets had sacrificed their own people enough times that the Americans realized that this was a losing game. Having made bold claims to the world about what we were capable of doing, they didn’t feel like backing down from such earlier bravado. So they faked it, nearly the entire thing. The Apollo astronauts just orbited the Earth the entire time, having earlier done the lunar videos on a stage at Disney. Stanley Kubrick’s recent sci-fi movies made him the obvious choice as director; his innovative front screen projection technique was used for the lander footage.

Current Lies

Even to this day, faked videos are being produced by NASA for unknown reasons. That same guy wire technology is still being used to give a false sense of weightlessness.

When asked why it’s difficult to go back to the moon, NASA’s own employees have suggested that “we don’t have the technology to go to the moon” because we destroyed it. Really? That’s the equivalent of “my dog ate my homework”. It’s a 12-year-old’s lie to their teacher.

NASA’s own engineer suggests that they still haven’t figured out how to get past the Van Allen Belts. Really? As if we didn’t already know that you guys couldn’t have gone to the moon in the 1960s because of this.

When George Bush Sr. visited NASA on a tour, I guess everyone was so preoccupied that they forgot to stop making a fake ISS video on a green screen in the background and this was totally published. Oops.

The Mars Viking Landers

According to NASA, the Martian landscape was red and a forbidding landscape. I’m sure we’ve all seen images like this.


But according to one employee, the feed suddenly went dead right after seeing two people in spacesuits doing repairs as seen here.


So we’re left with one of two eventualities: either all this was filmed on a backlot somewhere and 100% faked here on Earth… or the cover story that Mars isn’t inhabited already by us is simply a lie. If this were filmed here on Earth then why the need for a spacesuit or helmet at all? That pretty much leaves us with the other option, the one in which a private version of NASA has been on Mars for some time now.

The Mars Mining Corporation

Marine whistleblower Captain Randy Cramer indicates that he spent nearly an entire 20-year tour on Mars in support of a private mining company located there.

So Why the Lies Now?

I suppose there comes a time when your lies just catch up to you. NASA can’t just come out and say they lied to us in the sixties. For the same reasons, they can’t just suggest that we’ve reasonably managed to secure Mars now for a private corporation. As liars in league with liars, they can’t break ranks and simply tell the truth. Telling us that public dollars have benefited a single corporation’s stockholders just wouldn’t make people happy when you get right down to it.

Until the public in the majority understands the scope of these lies and then directs their anger at NASA and our own government, we’ll just continue to be fed more lies by these people.

the white stuff, part 2

Looks like the Daily Stormer (neo-Nazi white supremacists and KKK website) was booted by their hosting provider GoDaddy on Sunday for violating its terms of service after an article regarding Heather Heyer was published on the site.  The former then transferred their content to Google Domains (Monday)… after which Google booted them as well for the same reason around midnight of that same day.

After a day or two of being offline, the site appears to have surfaced again in the “dark web” of the Tor anonymity network.  (In Harry Potter terms, they lost their lease on Diagon Alley and were forced to move to Nockturn Alley which seems to suit them better.)

The Dark Web

As if the Internet itself weren’t scary enough in the light of day sometimes, we now have an even darker, hidden version of it which is only accessible with specialized software.

Dark web: that portion of the web which cannot be easily reached from the public Internet, and usually requires specialized software to access. Examples of the dark web are the Tor network and hidden services, the I2P network and its eepsites, and the RetroShare network.

Almost sounds like a stroll in the woods when you say it like that.  Only this would be the Black Forest or the Forbidden Forest or the Suicide Forest maybe.

Onion Routing

But how does one attempt to navigate in such a place?  It looks like communications are wrapped in layers and layers of encryption much in the same way that onions have layers.  Each network node in this communication either adds another layer or peels one away, depending upon its direction.

Oddly enough, this method was developed by the Navy to protect U.S. intelligence communications online back in the ’90s.  I suppose it’s sad when your own tax dollars eventually provided the means by which child pornography, for example, enjoys its anonymity on the dark web at this time.

the white stuff

If you’ve been following the American Manufacturing Council kerfuffle that’s unfolded in the days after the Charlottesville violence and the media aftermath, there’s a lot of news that isn’t being focused on.  Probably everyone by now knows that Trump has been tweeting comments which to most observers would appear that he doesn’t hate white supremacists.  For a sitting President of the U.S., he’s reasonably expected to weigh in against hatred on this topic and he failed.

So now in the media aftermath we see that several key members of the American Manufacturing Council have resigned and the President has now disbanded the council completely (presumably to prevent others from following suit).  The news media has been quick to report all this.

What the news media is glossing over is the list of CEOs and corporations who did not resign from the council.  If you think about it, this reads as a “Who’s Who of American CEO Friends of White Supremacists”, if you will.  And so, without further ado, here’s that list.

Who’s Who of American CEO Friends of White Supremacists

CEO Corporation
William M. Brown Harris Corporation
Michael Dell Dell Technologies Inc
John J. Ferriola Nucor
Jeff Fettig Whirlpool Corporation
Alex Gorsky Johnson & Johnson
Gregory J. Hayes United Technologies
Marillyn Hewson Lockheed Martin
Jeff Immelt General Electric Company
Jim Kamsickas Dana Inc
Richard G. Kyle Timken Company
Andrew Liveris Dow Chemical Company
Dennis Muilenburg Boeing
Doug Oberhelman Caterpillar Inc.
Michael B. Polk Newell Brands
Mark Sutton International Paper
Wendell Weeks Corning Inc.