Okay, so you probably guessed that I was an open-source coder, a bit of an inventor in the vein of Leonardo da Vinci, an autodidact, a Renaissance man, I’m into green and blue energy. I’m in love with affordable single-board computers, well-supported and free operating systems and democracy as described by our Constitution.

There really isn’t a political party or church that aligns itself nicely to myself, what I believe and how I behave on a daily basis or furthermore, how I’d want or expect other people to behave in a working society.

In real life, if you ask me the time I’ll likely tell you how the watch works. That’s just how I am.

I believe in homeschooling, not because of religious reasons, but because it feels like our public school system has become a tool for creating perfect little corporate drones and little more. For example, in school you’re rewarded for sitting still, showing up everyday, keeping quiet, doing the work (regardless of how pointless it may be), never complaining (even when doing so would be the intelligent thing to do), cheering when you see two groups of boys essentially fighting with each other over an inflated pigskin (rather than each having a turn at playing with it). Is it just me or did the real lessons we learned in kindergarten prepare us in more ways than the remaining twelve years put together?

Real learning happens when you create something. And in fact, real happiness comes along for the ride when you do so. Our capitalistic society would teach us that happiness comes when you’ve earned that degree, landed the big job, gotten married, earned that big raise, gotten that gold credit card, bought the new car, bought that new home. I can assure you that none of those things are tangible nor do they actually bring you happiness. Capitalism is a lie, in other words.

I’ve discovered much more happiness writing code, creating a song on the guitar, writing a blog entry, creating an invention which solves a problem than I ever did by making money out in “the real world”. The real world is some make-believe construct fabricated by people who live their own lives in fear of failing. There was probably a time for each of us in which we daydreamed about playing the guitar on the street for money or something similar. Because of fear we then abandoned that dream and did something which earned money more directly, like frying hamburger patties at MacDonald’s. In doing so we traded happiness in that moment for security but we didn’t factor in the loss of our own purpose in life. Imagine being the person on their deathbed re-evaluating their life decisions having realized that they just spent decades flipping burgers, seemingly a life without purpose at all.

Imagine instead being the person who’d invented a system of deriving power from the ocean or from the sun? Perhaps the shortest way of summing all this up:

“…live in such a way that when people read your tombstone they’re inspired enough to change their own lives.”

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