recycle, re-use, re-purpose – part ii

Continuing with the work to re-purpose a computer mouse as a filament movement detection device, I designed and printed some parts for this. The bottom part is perhaps 5mm in height from the spool itself and is reasonably a good distance to see changes.

I’ve edited the earlier Python script which originally detected the scroll wheel button; it’s now detecting movements of Y as if the mouse were being moved on a mousepad. It will only do this if I take the white assembly and move it around on a patterned surface, however.

To help the mouse detect movement better, I’ve tried using both grid paper and a polar version of same. I don’t love the feedback loop that’s going now. I’m sure there’s a better way to get this movement detected all the time, though.




2 thoughts on “recycle, re-use, re-purpose – part ii”

  1. Nice design – but I found that the mouse sensor does recognize the filament (even transparent ones) itselfe. So I´d not target the spool, but the filament directly that´s routed directly underneath the sensor.


    1. Actually, it’s targeting a black/white-checked ring of paper that’s trapped between the spool and the mouse assembly. I went through a variety of tests before settling in on this. In order to sense the filament itself, you’d need to get it really close to the sensor.


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