the white stuff

If you’ve been following the American Manufacturing Council kerfuffle that’s unfolded in the days after the Charlottesville violence and the media aftermath, there’s a lot of news that isn’t being focused on.  Probably everyone by now knows that Trump has been tweeting comments which to most observers would appear that he doesn’t hate white supremacists.  For a sitting President of the U.S., he’s reasonably expected to weigh in against hatred on this topic and he failed.

So now in the media aftermath we see that several key members of the American Manufacturing Council have resigned and the President has now disbanded the council completely (presumably to prevent others from following suit).  The news media has been quick to report all this.

What the news media is glossing over is the list of CEOs and corporations who did not resign from the council.  If you think about it, this reads as a “Who’s Who of American CEO Friends of White Supremacists”, if you will.  And so, without further ado, here’s that list.

Who’s Who of American CEO Friends of White Supremacists

CEO Corporation
William M. Brown Harris Corporation
Michael Dell Dell Technologies Inc
John J. Ferriola Nucor
Jeff Fettig Whirlpool Corporation
Alex Gorsky Johnson & Johnson
Gregory J. Hayes United Technologies
Marillyn Hewson Lockheed Martin
Jeff Immelt General Electric Company
Jim Kamsickas Dana Inc
Richard G. Kyle Timken Company
Andrew Liveris Dow Chemical Company
Dennis Muilenburg Boeing
Doug Oberhelman Caterpillar Inc.
Michael B. Polk Newell Brands
Mark Sutton International Paper
Wendell Weeks Corning Inc.

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