where *not* to register your domain name

Spoiler alert, it’s Network Solutions. It seems like just last month I was trying to rescue a vanity domain name from Under-Construction obscurity. It appears that every four weeks Network Solutions wants to enjoy ad revenue by taking over your hosted domain name (when you stop watching them like a hawk). So instead of your customers landing on your website they end up on an Under Construction page which has keyword lookups. Obviously, they make money like this by stealing your property when you’re otherwise not watching out for this treachery.


So now I’m on the long hold with customer support, having entered the combination of voicemail commands to put myself into the wants-to-cancel-service queue. Of course, this queue is poorly-staffed because they don’t want you to cancel any of the services.

Having now waited out a 30-minute+ hold queue I eventually got to talk with a Michelle who couldn’t actually help me directly since I’m not the principal on the account. I prep’d the principal to indicate YES to the cancelation but we’ll see if that actually plays out. I suppose I get to wait until tomorrow then to bring that vanity domain into service.  <_<

Other People Complaining About Network Solutions


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