why stackoverflow sucks

In my series of “why x sucks” articles, today I add AskUbuntu.com, one of the off-shoots of the StackOverflow collection of forums.  If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to go there for computer or software support, I’d strongly suggest against it.

I learned from before that StackOverflow is populated by packs of people who in real life you’d want to punch in the face. That probably sounds like a mean statement if you’d not had any interaction with these people. The big problem with the forum’s system is that it accidentally rewards power-hungry assholes.

And today’s PHA appears to be none other than CelticWarrior who takes little effort in solving problems but every opportunity to show to others on the forum that he’s claimed it as his turf.

Next, mark-ysiri jumps into the conversation to backup the bullying by CelticWarrior, suggesting that my advice is “low quality” and without offering any advice to the OP.

Immediately, a seemingly kind-hearted person named fabby jumps into the conversation to suggest to me that I ought to simply delete my post to avoid the negative down-ticks of reputation. Basically, he’s supporting that anyone who’s a noob should just not post. He means well but I’m really not into self-censorship as you might have guessed from my own posts here.

I’ve now been informed there that helping people with hardware-related problems is considered “off-topic” by the collection of software-loving folks who frequent the forum on a Saturday, you know, that day that people are usually out there enjoying the sunshine. I suppose for the person whose computer needs possibly a better driver, then they’re totally screwed on that forum.

Oh fun, and not two minutes goes by but fabby now is closing the topic because he’s ruling it off-topic and the original author is screwed out of any support whatsoever.

Read it and weep


2 thoughts on “why stackoverflow sucks”

  1. Nothing but agreement from me, SO is perhaps one of the least friendly places on the internet. Several software engineers I know working at large companies go there constantly but don’t have an account.


  2. Fully agree. These losers would put a note to Upvote other comments while the same morons would track your moves to downvote you for a pathetic reason. I hope Google bans these idiots due to their juvenile moronic and malicious attitude. Do you want to meet a LOSER online? Go to StackOverflow and check those who edited your question or answer – the MORON is right there for people to see. One of my questions was edited/downvoted by a SO CRETIN; having checked their profile I found out the LOSER is located in OKLAHOMA, in the middle of a village. MORONS from StackOverflow have no life but to downvote others for no reason. Go to better communities not managed by NAZI CRETIN LOSERS.


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